Sunda Business (5 users, 1 year, English-Finnish)

Sunda Business (5 users, 1 year, English-Finnish)


The product includes a 1-year subscription (5 users) to all of Sunda's translation services: Sunda Tool, Sunda Doc, Sunda Web and Sunda Mobile.

With your subscription, you will immediately receive your user IDs for the service by e-mail.

Main features:

  • Translate from English into Finnish.
  • Fast and easy to use. Translate text, documents, emails and web pages with a single click in different applications.
  • The web interface allows you to use the translation service without needing to install any applications.
  • The translator recognizes over 200,000 English terms and idioms. In addition, it uses over 100,000 linguistic rules to translate text into Finnish.
  • Includes ready-made special dictionaries such as Business and Information Technology.
  • You can use your own dictionaries and translation memories to improve the translation accuracy.
  • Supports translation of the following document types:
    text, RTF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OpenDocument, CSV, HTML, PDF
  • Data transfers between a user's computer and the translation server are secured with SSL technology.
  • Through the automatic update you always get the latest version of the translator.

For more information, please visit the Sunda Business product page.

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