Sunda Tool Workstation (3 months, English-Finnish-English)

Sunda Tool Workstation (3 months, English-Finnish-English)


The product includes a 3-month license for the Sunda Tool Workstation application. It allows you to translate documents or text fragments locally on your workstation. Once you complete your order, you will immediately receive the installation file and your product key.

Main features:

  • Translate from English into Finnish and from Finnish into English.
  • Fast and easy to use. Translate text and documents with a single click.
  • The English-to-Finnish translator recognizes over 200,000 English terms and idioms. In addition, it uses about 100,000 Intelligent Linguistic Rules to translate text into Finnish.
  • The Finnish-to-English translator comprehensively recognizes Finnish words and their inflections. It contains over 100,000 linguistic rules.
  • Includes ready-made special dictionaries such as Business and Information Technology.
  • You can add your own dictionaries and translation memories to the translator to improve the translation accuracy.
  • Supports translation of the following document types:
    text, RTF, Word*, PowerPoint, Excel, OpenDocument, CSV, HTML, PDF
  • Includes tools for Term Extraction and Batch Translation.
  • Through the automatic update you always get the latest version of the translator.

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10
  • Internet connection is needed during the product installation and activation.
  • * Translation of Word 2003 documents requires that you have MS Word installed.
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